Eleventh Hour Artist Consulting

Eleventh Hour Consultancy deals represent a one-off review of an artist's current situation within the music industry leading to the identification of future aims and the development of a strategy to achieve the client's objectives.

Eleventh Hour offers three models of consultancy sessions:


Targeted at unsigned bands and artists, an intial review of the bands material and situation takes place leading to the development of a strategy to raise the band to where they want to be.


Higher level strategic review for established artists and musicians, to identify future strategic directions and commercial opportunuties.


Eleventh hour offers 2 types of vocal consulting:

Medical/Dignostic - sessions to review the artist's vocal physiology and develop a strategy to repair/prevent any damage that may have occured

Artist Training - Development sessions to improve the artist's vocal performance, incorporating coaching, on-stage performance/choreography and recording sessions

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