Julez Hamilton

Julez was born and raised in Gloucestershire. Her love of music started at the age of three when her Godfather would play her Wagner, Mozart & Beethoven.

It was at Prior Park College in Bath that she started her musical career performing as a soloist in the Mozart Festival, following this with a stint at the Bath Opera where she performed the roles of Muzetta, Suzanna and Queen of the Night to great acclaim.

After school she attended Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts where she studied Musical Theatre and it was here that she discovered her love of Jazz. During her time at Mountview she performed such roles as Anna Antonelli in "The Rink", Muzeppa in "Gypsy" and the Witch in "Into the Woods" at the Westminster Theatre, London.

Since graduating Julez has had her West End debut in a new British Musical, "Snap!", and was a principle soloist in "Why Can't You Get a Proper Job! I & II" and has performed in many venues around the UK and in the USA.

In "Blue Magic" Julez presents a selection of recordings as her debut album. Her chocolate voice and classical technique have helped to produce a sound not heard since the golden age of Jazz.


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