JP Kalonji

JP Kalonji

JP Kalonji recently signed in 2009 to Dark Horse in the USA for his publication 365 Samurai and a few bowls of rice. Impressively received by his fans - his book has been sold out in Australia, NYC and London much to public demand. His debut year at the World Famous Comic Convention - Comicon 2009. He was seated along side the great comic book masters such as Mike Mignola ( creator of Hell Boy) and was included on a privileged artist rosta of Dark Horse's Published works. For the past works of Dark Horse releases include the commercial smash hit successes such as Hulk and Sin City and a wide range of releases which holds the worlds most precious talent.

Adding to a hugely successful year with 11th Hour Artists - McLaren the Formula 1 Team requested him to work on some bespoke "Think Tank" ideas' concerning both the Drivers and Team artwork related products. JP Kalonji has pushed barriers where art can transcend all industries in todays' world. Here is a prime example in action.

South Africa 2010 invited JP to be their Maestro and art director to a University in Jo'burg, one which he hopes to revisit on a residency basis in the coming years. Again relishing the opportunity to share his knowledge and talent about the art and comic world to new comers and newly arrived fans old and young to the world of JP Kalonji. Where art is his battlefield.

Danny Glover and his producers of 2010 has been working at the development stage for an upcoming animation film. A current work which has seen immeasurable beauty where animation and life join and again a whole new world of talented people from the art world join forces. A fantastic experience and the opportunity to work with the actor himself was a compliment to us all.

"JP alllows us to see the movement and feel the people come alive in his drawings...I am sitting here with my eyes closed and I can already hear, feel and touch them...." Danny Glover - 2010 on set production for a working title.

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