Jason Walker

Jason Walker

Many artists stumble into dance music by accident, as a means of boosting record sales or reviving their slumping careers, or worse... they treat dance as a stepping-stone to wanton fame and fortune on the pop music scene. Not Jason Walker. The 24 year-old Pittsburgh native arrived in New York City two years ago with a dream to reinvigorate the ailing dance music scene. But first he had to deal with some obstacles of his own.

"Trying to break into the music industry has been a real struggle," admits the now twice charted #1 Billboard artist. "Foolish Mind Games" topped the Billboard Dance chart on September 20, 2004. "Set It Free" reached #1 on April 29, 2005. "I was always being told that my look didn't match my sound. I thought my looks made me different and that my uniqueness would somehow give me an advantage. I was wrong."

The industry simply didn't know how to market a skinny white boy with the pipes and personality of a full-figured soul sister. It was only when Walker was taken under the wing of famed record producer Junior Vasquez, that people began to take notice.

"My experience with Junior has been nothing short of incredible," Walker continues. "Not only have his superior production skills brought my music to a whole new level, having his name attached to my work has opened so many doors for me. My first single, "My life" was released as 'Junior Vasquez presents Jason Walker's 'My Life''. It was a shameless marketing ploy, yes, but I would not have been heard otherwise." "My Life" ended up climbing to #3 on the Billboard Dance chart and won the 2004 HX Award for "Best Dance Song of The year"; the first original non-remix song ever to win the title.

Jason Walker has spent the last few months on a nation-wide tour; wowing crowds in major cities with his incredible vocal talent. He also recently completed production on his debut full-length album, "This Is My Life." The album, which includes his three hits: My Life, Foolish Mind Games and Set It Free, is now available on iTunes and hits major US music retail chains on February 17,2006.

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